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Looking for a unique and life-changing experience? Discover the amazing joy and satisfaction of spending time with our gentle giants in their natural home, and create unforgettable memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. 

From learning about the history and behaviour of elephants to splashing with them for a mud bath, there’s so much to discover at Hug Elephant Sanctuary. Our commitment to providing a safe and sustainable environment for our elephants makes us the best choice for anyone who wants to connect with these magnificent creatures in a meaningful way. 

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Learn about elephants 📚
Feed our friends 🍌
Mud Spa 💦 🐘
Swimming fun at waterfall 🏞️
Delicious Thai meal 🍛
Transport to/from your hotel 🚘


Pick Up: 6:30 AM
Drop Off: 1:00 PM

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Pick Up: 12:00 PM
Drop Off: 6:30 PM

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Everything in the Half Day tour
🐘 Extra time with elephants! 🐘
Trek to a hilltop with a beautiful view of the surrounding area 🤩


Pick Up: 8:00 AM
Drop Off: 5:00 PM

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