Our Big Friends

Mae Good & Bo

Good loves to eat and is very happy when she sees people come around – excited to search for any 🍌 they may bring. She was rescued from a working-life dragging logs in the forest and has also spent time at a camp that allowed tourists to ride, unfortunately. This means Good is very familiar with people and quite friendly with everyone ☺️. 

Bo is a mahout from a local Karen village and has been caring for elephants since he was just a teenager. Turning away from a normal life, he has dedicated himself to caring for elephants and has been with Good for the last three years. They continue to develop their bond with one another. 

Mae Jaa & Wut

Happiest when around other elephants, Jaa is caring and social with a big ❤️. Unfortunately, Jaa was put to work at the young age of 7 hauling wood for loggers but was rescued from a life of labour and now has the chance to relax and enjoy her days with us. 

Wut is Jaa’s mahout and has grown up with her. He has been caring for her for 15 years and the two have a very strong relationship with each other 🤗. 

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Nong Phumpuang & Sert

Although not related by blood, Phumpuang has been with Good for the past ten years and they are like mother and child ☺️. Phumpuang has a strong and independent personality and doesn’t always want to listen to Sert 🙈. 

Sert is from the same village as Bo and they have grown up together caring for elephants. The bond between Sert and Phumpuang is still being developed as they have only been together for the last three years, but already Sert cares for her strongly. 

Nong Khanoon & Ploy

Khanoon is the baby of our Hug Elephant family at only 20 years old 👶. She was recused from an elephant show where she had been working since the age of only five. With a quiet and calm personality, Khanoon can also be a bit mischievous at times. 

Ploy is the most experienced mahout and acts as our leader. He is Wut’s uncle and cares for the others as family also. Ploy has shown lots of love to Khanoon in the five years since being her mahout, and it is easy to see the strong bond that the two have together. 

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