Elephants’ Biographies

Mae Ban


Sex: female

Age: 35

Height: 210

Length: 250

Tail: 130

Trunk: 150

Origin: Born in Myanmar and grew up in Mae Cham District.
Characteristics: The biggest in the group, with a collar and bell. She has white and pinks dots on her trunk and the lower part of her ears.

Personality: Mae Ban is the leader of the group. She is calm, relaxed, and well-behaved (the best in the group). She also Loves young elephants - she takes care of Jimmy as if he's her own son. 

Abilities: She is able to spray water, sit, walk backwards, stop, and follows orders well.
Mahout: Johnny

Mae Ka Nai or Mae Ka Nang (Jimmy’s mother)


Sex: female

Age: 22-25

Height: 220

Length: 270

Tail: 120

Trunk: 130

Origin: Hauy Bong Village, Mae Cham District; She group up with 5 brothers and sisters.

Characteristics: She has a rope around her neck.

Personality: Friendly, stubborn, cheeky - sometimes Mae Ka Nai disobeys the mahout, loves attention - and sometimes can sulk if she doesn't receive it.

Abilities: Able to spray water, sit, walk backwards, stop, and follow commands.

Mahout: Sa

Jimmy (Prae Ngam)


Sex: Male

Age: 8-10

Height: 180

Length: 300

Tail: 100

Trunk: 110

Origin: Hauy Bong Village, Mae Cham District

Characteristics: Jimmy can be recognized as the elephant with tusks. 

Personality: Friendly, smart, sometimes stubborn (for example, initially he does not follow the mahout to the water, but after getting there he plays happily) After all, he is still a child :)

Abilities: Jimmy has a unique talent amongst the group: He is the only elephant that can make a sound and nod at the same time when the mahout says ‘thank you’

Mahout: Tae



Sex: Female

Age: 15-22

Height: 200

Length: 220

Tail: 120

Trunk: 140

Origin: Mae Hong Son District, Mae Sariang

Characteristics: The smallest in the group.

Personality: Jurunee is the private one of the group. She is peaceful, calm, and goes at her own pace (she likes to take her time and sometimes will stop mid-walk) Yellow is not her favourite colour.

Abilities: Able to spray water, sit, walk backwards, and stop - all in a calm, slow fashion.

Mahout: Uncle Tu