Hug Elephant Chiangmai  was founded in September 2015 The founders have acknowledged the importance of the Thai elephants and realized that the number of the elephants in Thailand has been decreased rapidly. The founders have worked in tourism industry for 25 years, recognizing the changes in the industry both loss and the opportunity in the same time. The elephants have been revered in Thailand for centuries.

           Thai people and the elephants work and live together both in peace and in the battle. Therefore, elephant is the national animal of Thailand. Hug Elephant as a small sanctuary to improve the quality of care given to elephants with morality.

           The elephants live happily with the local people and community.

Accurate care given – focusing on the precise training.

Preserve the forest – taking care of both the elephants and the forest.

Happy elephants – letting the elephants live freely.

Look after the elephants and the visitors – emphasizing on the safety as a priority.

           Trekking with the elephants - allowing the elephants to exercise and spending time with the elephant lovers.


           Hug Elephant works hard to balance between offering the worthy experience to the participants and sharing the love to the elephants, elephants’ care takers, the community, the environment and the forest. The participants will enjoy the love from the elephants and they can return their love to the elephants and the community.


Come to join with us! support elephants.